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Flame 2017

Flame 2017

On Saturday March 11th just under 1,000 young people and their leaders were in London for the Third bi-annual Flame Conference. 62 people from Newcastle were picked up for the journey starting at 4.45am and arriving back at the Cathedral on Sunday morning at 1.15am!

Three young people from the Cathedral who went to Flame share their experience of the day:

Connor Howd writes: "Flame 2017... WOW! To see the mass of 10,000 young people is very promising and hopeful for the future of the Church! What an amazing experience. Each of us were an individual reason but each of us were there for the same reason, the reason of Jesus Christ. I've honestly never experienced anything like it, the excitement, the joy and both the power and presence of God was just remarkable! A huge congratulations to Fr. Dermott and his team for organising and offering such an incredible and rememberable day. Thank you!  Now the countdown for Flame 2019 begins..."

Julian Djopo writes:  “Flame this year has been amazing. It was very inspirational with talks from Cardinals Bo and Nichols. They have allowed me to reflect on God's love for us and our purpose; to continue Jesus' teachings and ways as his disciples. Flame was a great experience and the joyful music is unforgettable. I would go again to the next Flame!”

Migi Ramos writes:"Going to Flame is one of the best experiences in my life so far. It has inspired me to go out and help other people and it also made me realise that if everyone who went to Flame (10,000 youths) went out to do something, even just a small thing, then we could make a difference. Finally, Flame taught me that each one of us is a reason to love God for He made us with love and He made the greatest sacrifice for us by giving us His only Son. It was truly inspiring to see so many youths take part in Flame to worship God especially when everyone was singing their hearts out for Him and praising Him during the songs lead by Matt Redman."

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